#MOGUL: Remembering Reggie

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My journey in the entertainment industry began at entertainment law firm Ossé & Woods, led by young partners Ed Woods and the man who later became Combat Jack. We lost both of them within three days of each other in 2017, and we’re all still reeling.  
I had the honor of joining a host of people from all the different chapters of Reggie’s life for his special episode of the #Mogul podcast, and then to do it again in person for #Mogul live. 

FROM MOGUL: This episode of Mogul is a tribute to the life and career of Reggie Ossé, who hosted the first season of Mogul. A couple of months after completing the show Reggie was diagnosed with colon cancer and he passed away in December of 2017. We’re going to tell you Reggie’s story — His early days growing up a hip-hop head in Brooklyn, his time as a lawyer representing legendary artists like Jay-Z and Dame Dash and his reinvention as Combat Jack, hip hop’s flagship podcaster.​
FROM MOGUL: Back in July we released a tribute to Reggie Ossé, the late host of Mogul. After that episode dropped, we invited Reggie’s friends, family, and colleagues to record a live show at the BRIC Ballroom in Brooklyn. They shared their most personal stories about Reggie—from the time he escaped a block party gone wrong to the day his whole crew got involved in a dance battle. We also reunited the cast of the Combat Jack Show. That’s right: Dallas Penn, Premium Pete, A-King, and Just Blaze, all graced the stage together for this special episode of Mogul.

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