I’m Naima

I spent 20 years crafting stories, creating energy and protecting culture as a music industry executive. Now, I have my hands in and on all the things I love: writing, speaking, strategizing, marketing, programming and curating. My line is that I do “a little bit of a lot,” but there is a through-line in all of my work: putting Black culture in context.

Take a look around; get to know me. (Or just skip to the “official” bio with all the details).

A Little Bit of a Lot…

Music & Culture

I’ve been a regular contributing writer for Billboard and Vibe, with additional bylines in People, Essence, The Undefeated, Pitchfork, Vice, Vox and more. Check out my work.


#MusicSermon tells the stories of underrepresented eras and stories of urban music in an entertaining and accessible style. Attend a #MusicSermon service.

Miscellaneous Dopeness

The “little bit of a lot” line is a joke, but not really. My creative and professional passions manifest in different ways, but whatever I’m working on (and whatever I post here), is in the spirit of informing, educating, and contextualizing culture.