#MusicSermon is my baby; my happiest accident. An online “place” for musical “worship,” where we praise our legends, testify about the good works of the unsung, and rejoice in the blessings of soul music.

Started as a weekly twitter series, #MusicSermon quickly grew into a community of music lovers and a source of communal nostalgia, with artists, celebs, influencers and regular music heads regularly joining in for service.

For the last half of 2019, bandwidth forced me to put #MusicSermon on a bit of hiatus, but the doors of the church have reopened for 2020.

The below posts offer just a sampling of the #MusicSermon experience. Visit #MusicSermon’s site or follow on twitter to be part of a “service” in real time.


FOR THE COOL: Babyface & LA

In the midst of all the songwriter and producer battle conversations, I went back to refresh one of the earliest #MusicSermons on the book of Kenneth… Edmunds (with some passages from the Psalms of Antonio).

We Danced Hard AF in the ’90s

The first #MusicSermon, before it was a #MusicSermon, remixed. A celebration of choreographed moved, matching outfits, high energy jams, and flexible joints. Amen.

Remembering the Remix

The concept of the “remix,” has mostly been lost; beats are sent via email, feature vocals sent back the same way. But remixes used to be EVENTS. We look back at the golden era.

What’s a Church Without a Music Ministry?

Most #MusicSermons have accompanying playlists, and sometimes there are playlists just because the occasion calls for it (artist birthdays, key anniversaries, etc).

You need these playlists in your life.



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