This #MarchMadness Isn’t Canceled

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#MusicSermon’s annual Springtime Music Showdown is still on and poppin’! This year, it’s the BATTLE OF THE REMIXES!

We resumed regular #MusicSermon services last weekend with a celebration of the real and true REMIX. Not these somebody-emailed-you-the-track-you-laid-you-verse-and-emailed-it-back joints, but the real and true, change the whole song, change the lyrics, up the energy, put fiftylemn people on it, shoot a new video, make it an event remixes. (Experience the sermon here,).

It only seemed fitting that we continue the celebration (since we have reference material) for this year’s #MusicSermon March Madness: The Battle of the Remixes. Now you have something to do while practicing social distancing!!

I chose selections and seeded them based on overall impact, the remix level (for example, there’s only one or two remixes that just added a rap verse, but those are powerful), and of course, most of them are from the ’90s. I also took into consideration the response to songs in the sermon, but the seeding’s probably at least mildly subjective.

You can download your bracket HERE along with your form to vote for Remix MVP.

Need some assistance remembering all these jams? We got you. You know there’s rarely a sermon without a playlist (what is a church without it’s music ministry?) Listen to the Remembering the Remix playlist on Apple Music or Spotify while you complete your bracket.

We’ll see you in service on Sunday evening!

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