Disco is the Genre of Self-Identity

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“Music fans and historians have had a collective realization over the last couple of decades that the anti-disco sentiment was all spin. Not really about the music, but who the music represented: Black, Hispanic, Latinx and LGBTQ+ people and women – basically everybody except the bros holding onto classic rock for dear life.”


Last year, I wrote about how Disco has been reduced, over time, to a shmalzty and overproduced. In reality, disco was the product of a massive smear campaign by cis white men who hated a culture – full of chic, free-feeling Black Brown and Queer people all in community on the dance floor – that completely left them out. So they decided to destroy it – an entire genre – and it worked! But not really. “Disco” may be dead in word, but it’s never actually left us. It evolved… into Boogie Music, House Music; it’s in the DNA of hip-hop and EDM..Disco never died. It just cast off its name.

Today, I’m celebrating PRIDE, the fights against erasure, the celebration of life, love and – although the term has unfortunately become cliche – living out loud, with the music that was able to unite so many.

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