Getting Authentic &Embracing Your Purpose

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My dear friend Jovian Irvin is the founder of International Day of Purpose, a day created to inspire people to celebrate and activate the power of purpose through a focused day of reflection, living with positive intention and sharing stories with the world of how you live on purpose by using the hashtag, #DayofPurpose. DoP is celebrated every year on the Summer Solstice – June 20th.

In 2018, as I was just a few months into my journey from full time employee to “creativepreneur,” with the universe already sending me in different directions that I had planned for myself, she asked me to conduct a workshop for her first Day of Purpose Summit. I was like, “Ok, but about what?” She said I’d figure it out.

This was the first time I was forced to examine my core, my baseline – my actual purpose. The one thing I am always doing, in whatever I ‘m engaged in creatively and professionally, is a form of storytelling. So I knew I would be talking about that in some way. I knew I also needed to incorporate my learnings from my own experience and process transitioning into the life that had been tugging at me, telling me to c’mon already.

The eventual result was a Master Class on Living in Authenticity. We explored  the  talents, passions and desires we tend to ignore and/or set to the side, and discussed ways to move past fear and transform internal dialogue to unlock our Authentic selves – It was a class I needed for myself. Sharing it was others was a bonus.

I created the Getting to Authenticity workbook for the class – but also, again, primarily as a tool for myself. I’ve updated it for 2020 in honor of this years’s Day of Purpose. I also added a set of Self Check worksheets I created for myself and friends to use for top-of-year planning. Because we’re in a moment when defined time periods like months and quarters feel pointless, I changed all references of concrete time frames to “phases.”

Download both for free today for #DayofPurpose, and check out for more resources, tips and info. I’d love to hear your feedback!

Last year for #DayofPurpose, I hosted a Twitter chat with three friends who’d made the commitment to their calling and were chasing their dreams full time. We talked not just about the shiny, happy parts of working for yourself that you see on the ‘gram, but the scary parts: how we push past lack of motivation, the parts we wished people knew about what he do. But also the moments when we most surprised ourselves.

Peruse the #AfterTheLeap thread.

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