The Black List: Top 5 Female Rappers of 2019

Let’s ignore my expression in this thumbnail for a second. I was invited back to the Marlie Show to debate the top 5 women in hip hop this year, including who belonged on the list and who didn’t (there was a good bit of debate around Missy – is it minimizing her to say ‘of

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#MOGUL: Remembering Reggie

My journey in the entertainment industry began at entertainment law firm Ossé & Woods, led by young partners Ed Woods and the man who later became Combat Jack. We lost both of them within three days of each other in 2017, and we’re all still reeling.  I had the honor of joining a host of people from

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Looking Back at Michael Jackson’s Legacy on CBSN

On the 10th anniversary of Jackson’s death, I sat down with CBS News to discuss Leaving Neverland and how, if at all, the resumed conversation about allegations against Michael have impacted his legacy.   I also wrote for Vibe about Leaving Neverland and why I feel we can’t just ignore the conversation about Michael.

The Black Godfather is a Lesson In Relationships

If you haven’t already, I highly encourage and strongly urge you to watch The Black Godfather, Netflix’s doc on one of the most powerful black men in entertainment, Clarence Avant.  It’s not just a music and entertainment doc, though. It’s a primer for a fruitful and impactful life.I won’t go into his whole history here, but the

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Your Musical Guide to the Blackness of Beyoncé’s Homecoming

I (humbly) wrote for Billboard about the power and significance in Beyoncé’s musical choices for Homecoming, and how she used them to weave Black history and culture throughout the live albums 40 tracks. This is your song by song guide to the intentionally Black Homecoming experience. Last April, Beyoncé staged a headlining set at Coachella unlike

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SPOTIFY x “Wear Black History”

I’m so excited to announce my/#MusicSermon’s work with Spotify for their amazing celebration of history and the influence of Black music for #BlackHistoryIsNow. I worked with the Spotify team to identify, research and craft six key stories in Black music history for the one-of-a-kind capsule collection. ​Go browse the lookbook at BLACKHISTORYISNOW.COM to see what artists Joy Miessi and Brandan ‘bmike’ Odums​ created around The Sacred

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OSSÉ & WOODS: Rest in Power

Originally posted December 20th, 2017 If you read any bio about me, it’ll say some variation of “20-year industry veteran…” I’ve been in the entertainment industry my entire career, but it never would have happened without these three men: Ed Woods, Reggie Ossé aka Combat Jack, and Matt Middleton. I started in the combined law offices of Ossé & Woods

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